Steven Chee

Witty and experienced. Likes to think outside the box and is super flexible although he doesn’t do yoga. You don’t have to be afraid of being ghosted by Steven as he replies super fast.

Jimmy Lim

Experienced at IT but always insists he is not. Enjoys human interactions but claims to be shy. A humble team player but turns into a confident troubleshooter when the internet (or team?) misconduct.

Celine Aw

Nothing can bring her attention away when she’s working on the numbers. Looks serious and feisty on the outside but a softie on the inside who cares about the team’s welfare.

Angeia Chong

Bunny is her spirit animal, she even looks like one after being seasoned at bouncing from task to task everyday. She is well-rounded, reliable and pleasant to be with, but not on days without her vanilla lattes.

Robert Yong

A human rocket fueled by ambition. He charges towards his goal (luckily he is not a real rocket, otherwise we have to find him in space). Customer’s issues are always safe in his hands because he will not stop until he achieves complete resolution.

Hendra Mattin

You’ll never expect this relaxed and easy-going guy to be a true man with sincere feelings towards his peers. He is chill yet results-oriented and never shies away from a challenge!

Juhanna Binte Jumaat

She’s quiet so you never know how she does her magic at understanding customers needs. Her positive impact on people around her speak louder than (her) words.

Dennis Lye

An entrepreneur deeply passionate about experimentation, technology and knowledge. His vision for the company’s growth is as powerful as his loud voice — but a friendly one!