Pioneering the Wave of SD-Wan Ecosystem

SD-WAN is a revolution to improving and combining Cloud-based Everything-as-a-Service with Inter-Office Connectivity.

Using DIA, Broadband and other forms of lower-cost Internet, SD-WAN replaces expensive WAN technologies like MPLS.SD-WAN presents the need for Multiple Diversified Internet Access to ensure reliability and performance. Imagine the hassle of managing with 100 links from 30 – 50 Service Providers. Netsentia will provide

  • Logistics to deliver 50 units of SD-WAN CPE for 16 countries.
  • Smart Hands to install and setup the SD-WAN CPEs at 50 sites. Yes, Netsentia will coordinate between the Smart Hands, Logistics and Internet Service Providers.
  • Netsentia Route Optimization and Visibility-as-a-Service to further sieves out routing issues surfacing after full multi-site implementation process.

Netsentia’s SD-WAN Ecosystem focuses on our customers’ needs in Internet-centric WAN. Whether Self-Managed SD-WAN, Fully Managed SD-WAN or Hybrid Managed SD-WAN – it’s our customers’ preference athough we strongly believe that Hybrid Managed SD-WAN will be the best and most popular choice!

End to end services. For your convenience.

Design & Consultancy


Deployment & Field Services

Day-to-day management

Route Optimization

Bandwidth Visibility-as-a-Service

The choice is yours. Get flexibility to choose what suits best.

Pick from our deployment options:

Self-Managed SD-WAN

Fully Managed SD-WAN

Hybrid Managed SD-WAN