Monitor and Understand Your User Experience

Bandwidth Visibility-as-a-Service provides customers with the necessary power kit to monitor and understand their User Experience for SaaS, Cloud, SD-WAN or other Private WAN technologies. It also makes a fantastic component of Netsentia SD-WAN Ecosystem, help customers to ease their journey in managing their SD-WAN.

Monitor User Digital Experience for SaaS and Cloud

  • Performance dashboards for SaaS and Cloud like Office 365, Office 365, Salesforce, Zoom, Cloud Telephony, AWS, Azure etc
    • Monitor bad experience of users for SaaS and Cloud Platform
    • Improve digital performance by comparing against crowdsourced industry benchmarks.
  • Real-user monitoring for journey to SaaS and Cloud

Monitor User Digital Experience for SD-WAN

  • Monitor User Digital Experience for SD-WANMost SD-WAN technologies provides limited monitoring on User Experience
  • Network Path Analysis (Hop-by-Hop path analysis) helps identify problems within the SD-WAN Network/Route
  • SaaS or Application Performance
  • VoIP Performance

Proactively Enhance User Experience

Instead of waiting for User to complain about their Digital Experience for SaaS or Cloud or Private Hosted Application (over Internet, SD-WAN or Private WAN). Bandwidth Visibility-as-a-Service helps customers to quickly identify any WAN Routing problem(s) within their network.

Assists customers to make decision on how they can actively improve the Digital Experience for Users e.g.

  • Route Optimization for the sites with poor SaaS or Cloud experience
  • Route Optimization for the necessary SD-WAN sites that are having poor Internet Routing
  • A site in the Philippines routed via USA to Amsterdam (around 300ms) can be vastly improved by routing via Singapore