Comprehensive coverage

150+ countries.

Netsentia provides dedicated offerings for Connectivity Solutions including Business or Mobile Broadband, Dedicated Internet Access, IP Transit, or IPL /EPL, Colocation Services with Tier 3 DC services and VPoP Services, and Network Services for SD-WAN, WAN Optimization, WAN Performance Management. 

At Netsentia, we listen to the needs of our customers. It may be challenges with business-grade internet connectivity, multi-location requirements, mission-critical business activities, speedy deployment, or coping with an ever-changing business landscape. We understand the obstacles you face in global business internet connectivity.  Guided by our 3 key customer service principles, we work with you and deliver our services to achieve your business objectives.


Fast turnaround time, dedicated project management and flexibility are among the frequent requets from our customers. And we have been faithfully fulfilling them. We strive to deliver the best customer experience in journey with us.

Comprehensive Coverage

Serving you globally with coverage over 150 countries, and with a comprehensive suite of multiple internet options including broadband, DIA, 4G/5G, Microwave, Satellite and multiple Internet Access options.


Netsentia empowers you with One Contract, One Invoice, One SLA and One Contact, whilst delivering price-competitive solutions to improve your productivity.